Implementation Planning Workbook

Implementation Plan Template
(Phase II, Key Action Step 2.1)

Goals for Instructional Materials

Note the goals you have set for implementation of the instructional materials you selected. Include goals related to:

  • Tutor and Student Investment – measures of tutor and student confidence in the materials they are using
  • Tutor Practice – measures of tutor enactment of specific instructional strategies
  • Student Outcomes – student performance on material-specific assessments
Goal Area Goal(s) Measures and Frequency How will we collect and analyze data? When will we step back and adjust?
Tutor and Student Investment        
Tutor Practice        
Student Outcomes        

Implementation Plan Checklist

Be sure to include the following action steps in your Implementation Plan:

  • Building the scope and sequence tutors will follow and how it relates to placement assessments;
  • Determining the instructional routines tutors will use or select from and how those decisions relate to progress monitoring;
  • Identifying what individualization decisions tutors can make and providing guidance for how they should make them;
  • Developing a framework for professional learning, including tutoring training and ongoing continuous development, and the role instructional materials play in that;
  • Developing a system for how staff and coaches will understand instructional materials
Action Step Owner Timing Status













Key Stakeholders and Communications (end of each step in Phase II):

Stakeholder Group Communication Channels Communications Needed Owner