Implementation Planning Workbook

Data Reflection Meetings
(set in Phase III, Key Action Step 3.2 and 3.3)

In phase II, set quarterly and annual dates to step-back on progress toward goals, determine who should be invited to those meetings, and issue calendar invitations to hold time. Action Step 3.2 of Phase III speaks directly to ongoing quarterly Data Reflection Meetings and Action Step 3.3 of Phase III speaks specifically about an end of year Data Reflection Meeting. You will want to include Implementation Support Team members (or informal advisors) and any other key stakeholders with important perspectives to offer. Specific agendas can be planned during implementation (Phase III).

Data Reflection Meeting Checklist

  • Establish goals for the meeting.
  • Gather and synthesize quantitative and qualitative data needed to measure progress toward goals. Disaggregate data to evaluate your progress for particular subgroups of students (students of color, students in low-income households, English learners, students with disabilities), to monitor how equitably you’re serving all students. Consult the Measures & Data Collection section of the Accelerator’s Toolkit for Tutoring Programs for guidance.
  • Prepare an agenda and ensure facilitators and materials are prepared to clearly assess current progress toward goals and analyze what’s leading to successes and what’s inhibiting progress.
  • Invite appropriate stakeholders and share meeting goals, agenda and any pre-work.
  • Celebrate successes!
  • Identify a small number of priorities for change.
  • Uncover the root causes of the problems.
  • Determine action steps needed to make change.
  • Determine how you’ll know if the changes were successful.
  • Adjust the Implementation Plan and communicate changes to all relevant stakeholders.
Meeting Date Goals Agenda Notes & Decisions Made